About Most Wanted Disaster Services

Most wanted disaster services was founded in 2002. We focus on taking pride in our work. We realize the quality of the work is our signature. We also understand we are only as good as our customers say we are. In the beginning our company only offered emergency services. It was only after we found quality personnel that we have the ut-most confidence in that we added reconstruction services to our list of services.

All our personnel we have known and done work with for a long time. If we cannot trust them in our own homes why would we send them to yours? Our philosophy is if we can’t get it done right we would just rather not even offer that service.

Our personnel are trained and certified. Our company stays up to date with the latest methods, with online courses or in-class instruction. We feel this gives our company an edge over the competition in that we don’t get stuck in the same old ways of doing things.

Our company will act as your representative to the insurance company. It is important to understand you as the insured can use any company you wish for the emergency services and repairs to your home. You have rights as a homeowner and  we can inform you of your rights and make sure you are treated fairly. Many insurance companies will twist your arm into using their preferred contractor. These companies survive and get work by cutting costs for the insurance company. This is seldom good for the insured. We however act as your representative to make sure your home or business is repaired properly with quality materials.

We also pride ourselves on getting the job done promptly and quickly. Many other companies will drag projects out for weeks or months.